Before we meet, I will have you fill out a few forms that will help me maximize our time together.   These are crucial to be done beforehand so we can spend as much time on you and baby, and less on tedious paperwork.  

I know it can be intimidating having someone come to your house, but I am extremely laid back and will put you at ease when we meet!  So I urge you to relax  and most importantly do not  clean your house or make any major changes to your  routine before I visit.   I want to see you in your usual comfortable  space,  whether that's your bedroom, a sofa or the floor!   The only thing I need is a table nearby to place my 16 x 24 inch baby scale on. 

If you can, start making a list of all the things you may want to ask about before I come.  Don't be afraid to ask me *anything*,  this is what I am here for!  

It's also great for your partner or family members to be home during a visit.  In fact, this can help you remember the information, as well as helps everyone understand the basics of breastfeeding.  The more support the better!    


Babies are not on our schedule, therefore we can only make our best assumptions when we  schedule a visit during a normal feeding,  bearing in mind this could go out the window.  And that's okay!   If your baby needs to eat, don't panic, just try to top him or her off a bit, and we can try when I arrive.   I will then go through some or all of the following list, depending on the situation: 

  • Information gathering, including health and birth history
  • Discuss current concerns
  • Observe a full breastfeed session
  • Weighing your baby before and after a feeding to assess milk transfer
  • Infant physical exam
  • Maternal breast exam
  • Formulate a personalized care plan
  • Send reports to your doctor or other care providers as needed
  • Provide you with a receipt (superbill) to use for insurance reinbursement.


I will  first and foremost provide you  with as simplified a care plan as I can give you.  I  do not plan on overwhelming you, but to give you bite sized things you can do to help whatever problem you are facing.   Remember, you have two weeks of follow- up  provided within this service, so you are never alone!  I urge you to use this, anytime with any question! 

Breastfeeding for both mom and baby can often be a slow process, and when compounded with sleep deprivation it can seem there is no end in sight.  But with my support,  I will get you where you need to go. if that means  phone calls or texting?  I am here!  If it means a follow -up appointment ? Let's do it!   If you feel like something isn't working for you - tell me!   We will get to your goals together.