When can you ever get a picture of everyone smiling?

When can you ever get a picture of everyone smiling?


Via Lactea,  Latin for the Milky Way galaxy,  is emblematic of the extraordinary path we embark on when we choose to breastfeed our children.  Discovering breastfeeding with our babies can sometimes seem overwhelming, isolating and outright difficult. But like the galaxies and stars moving above us,  there is always a light in those endless nights - I am here to get you there.

I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) offering home visits in the South Jersey metro areas.  I provide compassionate, non-judgmental, wholistic care for parents and babies in all stages of infancy and beyond. My goal, simply, is to work with you to achieve yours, while utilizing the most current, evidence- based information.   

After having my two children (my North Stars!) I experienced my own struggles with breastfeeding.  I armed myself with community and family support, and of course, IBCLCs!  All enabled me to exclusively breastfeed both of my children for over three years.  My passion for breastfeeding and a drive to help parents led me to pursue my education in Drexel University’s intensive lactation program.  I learned  from some of the best IBCLC’s in the field and have experience in hospital, NICU, pediatric and community-based settings. 

I look forward to meeting you!